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Internal Cyber Security

Secure your business from internal cyber threats

As the popularity of remote access is on the rise and the increased risks of data and file corruption become more unpredictable, we encourage companies to consider safeguarding their business’s data against internal cyber threats, as well as external cyber threats. We help companies by implementing precautions to ensure their data is in the right hands, at the right time, with the correct level of authorisation.

At Arden IT we are capable of both designing and setting up a tailored internal security system that can protect both your business and its employees. Whatever your requirements, we offer a personalised IT Consultancy experience to enable maximum efficiency for your internal Cyber Security.

Permission based access for your network

As a certified Microsoft partner we have the ability to centrally control all your employees PC’s and restrict their access to locations within the business network – where necessary. With this additional software to your server it means that no employees are able to make harmful changes, corrupt data or pass on confidential documents without the correct level of access.

Internet usage policies to improve internal cyber security

Monitoring internet usage of employees can give you a true indication as to those employees who carry out unsafe practices which could jeopardise your Cyber Security. Don’t let this prove to be an issue – implement site blockages, site restrictions and time allocations (in relation to data viewing). Other internet precautions you can implement include; limiting downloads, settings access and password authentications.

In the long run all this can help reduce the cost of internal IT maintenance but also assist in providing a professional outlook for other clients – ensuring they feel confident in your professionalism with their data.

Would you like to block certain websites?

Restricting access to certain data from a selection of employees is possible, along with many other security recommendations. For example: Restricting access to social websites. Employees using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may reduce their efficiency, but also spread viruses on company computers. Due to this, some employers have implemented security systems designed to closely monitor or restrict, as needed, an employee’s access and use of social networks.

Arden IT also offer external IT precautions. With a wide variety of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection software available, why not take a look at our external Cyber Security services.

If you require any assistance or support don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help – no matter how big or small the issue may be.