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Back Up Solutions

Reliable cost effective, and efficient back up services from Arden IT

Data loss is a stressful and costly procedure for any business to experience. Regardless of its size and stability, any form of database crash, data corruption, deletion, fire, flood and more can bring devastating results – the potential issues could be endless. Worse case scenario a system crash, could cause unsatisfied customers resulting in a loss of revenue. Having a sufficient, reliable back up and recovery plan is what assists the smart companies while in these hard times. Having some form of contingency plan in all aspects of IT related issues is vital to ensure that businesses can continue at all times. And IF the inevitable happens, restoring business as usual is a quick and efficient process.

An efficient data back up and disaster recovery solution is pivotal in a professional computer network. External and internal hardware back up devices are recommended to copy both data and the server operating system.

Corporate back up and restoration solutions

We can advise, supply and configure back up and restoration solutions. In addition we can also test a system that you already operate. Many companies, on a daily basis complete a back up but many never actually carry out a test on a restore. Does your system actually work?

Do you need an off-site standby server?

In addition to our recovery services we also offer our clients a temporary solution to their server problems. For example: if your server has been stolen, damaged or a fault occurs that isn’t a ‘quick fix’, we can bring out a pre-configured server that is easily configured and running within hours of the reported incident. Yes, we really can be that effective!

Imagine the scenario… Your office is broken into and your server stolen. You have an up-to-date backup tape, but no server to restore it to. To buy a server and configure it can take anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks. Our off-site standby server solution also includes weekly or monthly back-up. Simply send your device to us and we will back-up your data making this a fast and affordable and efficient solution.

Trying to recover data from a hard disk, which has just crashed?

Let Arden IT take the stress out of trying to recover your valuable data. We have in house technologies that can analyse your hard disk and restore the data in next to no time. We guarantee a fast turn around and a fixed fee for most instances.

With us onboard, together we can create a reliable and efficient back-up solution.