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Computer Repairs

Computer repair

Having computer problems? Has your laptop given up the ghost or is your desktop disrupting your workflow? Or perhaps your printer is being a pest… whatever your frustration, we’re here to help. We provide fast and efficient laptop repairs and computer repair solutions for all. 

We quickly establish the cause and correct the issue wherever possible, restoring your computer back to it’s former productive glory!

Our computer and laptop repair service starts at just £30 +VAT

Book a Shop Appointment via our Online Booking System or call us on 01158 711 811 to be booked in.

Computer recycling and purchase

At Arden IT we can purchase used/refurbished items as new stock and spares, with an aim to repurpose and help reduce e-waste.  

We’ve always had an interest in recycling used stock and if it’s still in good condition we can restore and refurbish it into good working order – alternatively, we may break it down for use as spares in repairing other computers. This contributes to reducing the effects of electrical waste on the environment.

We can safely remove all previously stored data to ‘Ministry of Defence’ standards. If you have any inventory stock to clear, please call us now. If the equipment is still in good working order, we can professionally refurbish the equipment to both look and work ‘as good as new’.

If we can’t fix it…

Arden IT has long been a trusted partner for many of our clients in the supply of computer hardware and software. Our unrivalled commitment and focus on satisfying our customer needs has led us to deliver everything from hardware like servers and desktop computers to laptops, printers and scanners to software like Anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions. In short – we have access to it all. 

So if we can’t fix it, we can help you source your new solution.

Contact your local friendly IT technicians and we’re waiting to provide a laptop repair solution.