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Remote access solutions for SME’s to multi-site solutions

Have you got a multi-site operation or the need for employees to work off site? If the answer is yes, them remote access could be the solution for you. Increasingly, organisations of all sizes are enabling remote access to internal networks to facilitate teleworkers and a mobile workforce. There are many ways employees can access company information, but what should you consider when choosing a network for your business?

Consider a ‘virtual private network’ (VPN) connection. It can provide you with instant, secure access to your network from anywhere in the world. All connections are maintained within a secure VPN ‘tunnel’ that prevents access on the internet from looking at the encrypted traffic flowing between the two end-points. Perfect!

Remote access for all corporate requirements

Whether you’re a small company with a team on the road or a multi-site operation with a desire to connect locally to a ‘head office’, we have a solution for you. At Arden IT we have successfully installed, configured and maintained remote access solutions for:

  • a home workforce requiring ‘work from home access’ to their company’s database.
  • a branch of offices of big corporations that need constant interaction with systems at the company headquarters.
  • enabled a mobile workers who upload and download information from their hotel room, car or customers’ premises.

The access solution we develop can be as bespoke as your company operations. The amount of information often passing between the company and the user can differ in intensity, just as the types of remote user varies enormously. The method of transporting your information also varies. Information can be carried along every type of medium from second generation mobile phones networks to privately leased mega pipes.

Our range of VPN-enabled internet security solutions support a number of network technologies

Whatever your company structure and operational functions are, we’re sure to develop a solution you and your team will be delighted with. We’re able to utilise numerous technologies from IPSec, L2TP, PPTP to SSL.

Our remote access solutions can facilitate both telecommuting and mobile computing. Whether you’re a telecommuter seeking a secure alternative to the ‘untrusted’ home network or a road warrior connecting from a hotel room, we have a solution designed to meet your specific needs.

At Arden IT we can help you to select a solution that fits your companies needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements with a member of the team. 

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