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Ecommerce Arden IT

Ecommerce Solutions Nottingham


Bespoke Ecommerce Websites

We design and build reliable and engaging ecommerce websites. We have experience in designing and building ecommerce websites that will help your business go from strength to strength.


Arden IT is able to purchase used/refurbished/as new stock. We can safely remove all previously stored data to Department of Defense standards so that none of your private files can get into the wrong hands. If you have an inventory of stock to clear, please call us now. If the equipment is still in good working order, we can professionally refurbish the equipment and help reduce e-waste.

Refurbished Equipment

Finally we are now able to offer fully refurbisheds PC equipment such as desktops, servers and laptops. All have been professionally refurbished to high standards, fully bench tested and preinstalled with genuine software. Many applications don't need the latest PC's to run, so save money by buying a system that suits your requirements.